Bulk SMS

In today’s dynamic and ever changing world, it is sometimes important to quickly relay information whenever needed and at any time. SMS messaging is still one of the most efficient and personal ways to communicate. On average, it can take approximately 6 seconds to deliver a message to a recipient’s handset which is then read within 5 minutes by more than 98% of those who receive it

We at Solken understand that you need your messages to reach the required recipients in the shortest time possible at the best possible rate. We work hand in hand with the mobile phone network providers to guarantee this by giving you reliable optimum services.

We Offer

SMS “branding”: All your messages are tagged with your name (alphanumeric). This applies to all networks and helps to authenticate your content and identify you as the sender.

Desktop application: We provide a user friendly desktop application which runs on a standard computer that is connected to the internet. You can send the SMSs directly from this application.

Access from anywhere: You can transact from anywhere through our online interface on our webpage providing you have an internet connection .

Address book: Both the online interface and the desktop application have unlimited number of address books where you can store/upload contacts.

Reports: Our systems can generate a range of reports on sent SMSs.

Privacy:Our systems only facilitate the service. We do not have access to your messages and as such cannot intercept, monitor, copy or disclose any information about your account.