The miVEDiX App

Solken Solutions is the only Reseller Partner of iVEDiX products in Africa.

The miVEDiX analytics tool from iVEDiX is a cutting edge tool used to Analise data and present it in clear simple graphical form. This Digital Platform is built to support customizable and personalized workflows, automating the interactions between people, procedures, and technology. Combining this support with Big Data analytics allows companies to further increase the effectiveness and efficiency of digitizing enterprise-wide processes

Touch your data

The DISC organizes all of your data, and allows for flexible data discovery. Sales Quantity Sales Quantity

Our Application connects you directly to data platforms, systems, and databases across your organization.

Measure everything with a few clicks

This isn’t just an app. it’s a full service platform that creates the shortest distance between data and device. This applications analytics web services are cloud hosted, and create direct connections with your various sources such as databases and social media feeds. This is what makes our App different from anything else out there – it is not a retooled desktop app, but a complete platform that directly connects your mobile devices to all of your data in real time.


Easy to use handles

An intuitive interface creates robust visualizations and dynamic animations that bring your data to life. Choose from a wide variety of data-display methods such as charts, graphs, key performance indicators, or maps

Communicate with your teammates

Our rich graphics and intuitive interface craft a unique user experience that enables sharing of data between team members

Sharing made simple

Keep your team updated and in the loop by sharing your visuals and reports. A few taps allows you to capture your screen, draw on it,and share it via email. You can also save it as a PDF for importation in to presentations, or to read later.

Create and manage reports

Customizable reports, instant frame creation and real-time updates allow for unprecedented data discovery. Our App puts better, smarter decision-making in the palm of your hand

Structured & unstructured integration

Our App integrates with multiple data streams simultaneously, allowing data to come from multiple sources. This includes unstructured data, such as social media feeds

Customize in few steps

Our App works with custom built data mapping techniques to interface directly with your existing systems, producing context-sensitive, highly informative visuals.