School App

Information is power. One of the issues that  most parents have with their children’s schools is communication. Whether it’s with regards to school events, classwork/homework given, sports & clubs schedules, change of timetables, newsletters, safety information, school transport information etc. there are always challenges around how to keep parents updated in real-time. Most schools have adopted one or more of the below ways to communicate with parents:

  • Newsletters.
  • Short Message Services (SMS).
  • Email.
  • Mobile phone chat Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

However all of these have limitations which our school App effectively eliminates. It connects schools to parents in a private network which can be configured to require authorization by way of passwords to access any information.

Our App is used by schools to:

  • Send Instant Messages to Parents: Parents receive messages as soon as they connect their mobile device to internet. Messages can be sent to individual parents, groups of parents in the same class, same club, same sports team etc. or as a whole to all parents.
  • Post Timetables: Post the general school timetable which gives all the school events for a given time (term, year etc.). Parents can synchronise these timetables to their phone calendars so that they can be alerted about upcoming events or activities.
  • Post Newsletters: Post newsletters in any of the popular formats (pdf, word, excel) thus eliminating the need to print newsletters. Newsletters can be kept on App for any period of time without option of delete so that parents can always refer to information in past newsletters.
  • Post Homework: Post homework that has been given to a particular class thus allowing parents to know what homework needs to be done even before they reach home and eliminates cases of children forgetting to indicate homework given.
  • Post Visual Pictures: Post pictures of various school events and activities.
  • Track School Transport: Parents and the school to monitor movement of school transport and know when their children have been dropped or picked from home/school.

Advantages of using our App

  • Each App is branded and customized for individual clients (schools)
  • They provide a medium for communicating directly with the targeted group of parents.
  • Messages can be scheduled so that they ‘go out’ only when required.
  • App can be configured so that parents cannot reply back to posted messages.
  • If reply to messages is enabled, parents can only reply back to the administrator thus eliminating posting of messages to the whole group.
  • Back-end dashboard can only be accessed by user’s who have the necessary login credentials.
  • School administrators can password protect any content category or the whole App depending on their preference.
  •  There is no limit to the number of parents or groups that can be added.
  • Both parentslguardians can have access to the same App. In addition parents can add more than one child onto the same App.
  • Schools can create their own unlimited in-app forms for parents to complete that can include signatures (sign right on the app) as required.
  • Can be integrated into existing school systems eg: finance system so that parents can log in and view current state of fess paid/owed etc.